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The Candlelight Smart Stand is a champagne stand, a device charger, a conversation piece.  Light enough for children to carry easily and powerful enough to charge four devices simultaneously, the Candlelight Smart Stand features an array of energy-efficient blue LED lights.  When used as a champagne stand, the light scatters through ice and creates a dazzling atmosphere of color and texture.

Designed as a showcase model for our custom design services, the Candlelight is a huge success at conventions and trade shows.  The price is affordable enough to order in bulk for luxury resorts and has given our clients good picture of our design capabilities.  Now as we prepare to develop our next promotional model "The Concierge", we are offering the original Candlelight to the general public at steep discount.

Each order includes a $299 Candlelight Smart Stand and Wall Charger, along with a complimentary acrylic drink bucket (options such as tabletops, multi-level trays and others are available on custom designs) and Free Shipping in the continental US (estimated $50 value). 

While supplies last we're offering 40% off our promotional rate: get $349 in value for just $199 total.  We'll also include a $100 coupon off The Concierge when it is released, or a full $199 refund of your first Candlelight purchase upon placing any order of 10 units or more.

The Candlelight is perfect for use at home as well:

  • Host your guests for a holiday party and place their car keys inside the bucket.  Someone will always be charging their phone, which means they can keep an eye on anyone who might not be safe to drive.
  • A romantic dinner for two lit by eco-friendly refracted LED instead of candles.
  • As an everyday phone, laptop, or other device charger.  It's seriously easy to lift!

Comes with four charging slots: three retractable with retractable charging cables and one general-purpose USB for laptops, projectors, etc.

Designed with outdoor use in mind, the Candlelight is water resistant, tolerant of any temperature and weather, and charge to full within a few hours when it finally runs out of stored energy.

Can charge four devices at once and stores enough power to charge eight to nine smartphones from empty to full.

Resort Living, Wherever You Are!

A Resort Charger is the center of the party - literally and figuratively!  People will naturally cluster around their phones, helping keep distracted cellphone checkers away from the wall and part of the adventure.  Keep all your electronics in one place, and never worry about running out of battery again!

Resort Charger's Candlelight Smart Stand comes with one charging champagne stand, one drinks bucket, and one charger for the stand itself.

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