The Candlelight Smart Stand is Now Available!

Custom Designs

We are innovators, inventors, and manufacturers.  The Candlelight Smart Stand represents our base model of product, and in sufficient quantities can be infinitely customized.  We offer bulk rates for custom orders and can provide a complimentary Candlelight as a reference point for your specific design requests.

For orders of 250 or more:

  • Customize the complete look, feel, and materials of the champagne stand itself.  If you have existing designs we can adjust them for our use.
  • Customize the number, color, and functionality of the LED lights.
  • Add speakers and Bluetooth capabilities to play music and/or signal when a phone is fully charged.
  • LED displays on side or top of unit
  • Install drink cooling system
  • Add or subtract charge capacity
  • Custom Accessories -- Tabletops, drink buckets, and multi-level displays are available.

To speak with our engineering team and receive pricing, please complete the form below.  We're excited to explore your vision!